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The literature world is an increasingly crowded marketplace. Daily, more than ten thousand books are published, along with thousands of articles and millions of social media posts. People are also listening to more podcasts and audiobooks, making time in their busy schedules for consumption. Self-published authors who want to get the most from their work should consider creating an audiobook. Your manuscript can reach a wider audience by being converted to an audiobook using a top audiobook maker online. The real question is, who is the best audiobook builder online?

You can convert your masterpiece into an audiobook with AUDiFYZ, the best ebook to audiobook creators. AUDiFYZ is the best choice for indie authors to create audiobooks for free. Creating audiobooks for free in your voice gives you a terrific chance to reach new audiences. With audiobook publishing platforms like Audible, iTunes, Authors Republic, and ACX, publishers can reach readers completely different from those reading hard copies or Kindle editions. Are you planning to convert ebooks to audiobooks? AUDiFYZ, an audiobook maker online, allows you to record your own audiobook. Self-publishing audiobooks is a good option for indie authors. There are several benefits that the self-publishing audiobook offers to the authors. Some of these are listed below,

  • Your timeline: Self-publishing audiobooks can enable authors to market their books much more quickly than other publishing methods.
  • Better Earning Potential: Unlike ebooks, royalty on audiobook platforms such as Amazon is significantly higher.
  • 100% Ownership of Rights:  The independent route of self-publishing audiobooks ensures that you remain in full control. 

Many authors would like to boost their publishing opportunities. Even so, finding an audiobook builder online that offers good quality is still difficult. AUDiFYZ, an audiobook maker online, solves this problem. With AUDiFYZ, the best audiobook builder online, you can create a hassle-free audiobook. What makes AUDiFYZ the best ebook to audiobook creators?

#1. Studio Quality Results: AUDiFYZ production process is remarkably simple. You can record right from your home or office. While executed remotely, this process delivers a studio-quality audiobook.

#2. Worldwide Distribution: We will set up your audiobook for distribution on popular online book retailers, including Audible, Amazon, and Apple Books. 

#3. 100% Royalties & Ownership: You retain 100% ownership rights to the audiobook we produce together, as you do with your print and eBook editions. 

Convert ebooks to audiobooks with AUDiFYZ, the one-stop solution for audiobook publishing. 

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